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What We Provide:

Navigating High Asset Divorce

Adept at complex litigation, we handle cases that include privately held and publicly traded business interests, income and asset discovery and valuation, inheritances and classification of marital versus nonmarital property and more. In high-asset cases, we work to preserve client’s net worths, uncover hidden assets and income, and protect joint accounts from being depleted, among other actions.

We have the experience, drive and dedication to handle the most contentious and complicated cases, offering the expertise of board-certified specialists in marital and family law.

We are located in South Florida and as local Boca Raton attorneys, we believe clients are best served by effective, strategic representation that focuses on what’s most suitable to their specific circumstances, including short- and long-term needs and concerns.

When clients are best served by taking cases to trial, we litigate passionately and skillfully on their behalf. However, if we can save them time, money and hassle by pursuing settlement, we will pursue a private resolution outside of court.


Dividing Marital Property

High net worth divorces can be exacerbated by complex business valuation issues and proper classification of marital versus nonmarital property claims. For clients with highly valuable property and significant individual and marital investments, the divorce process can be more complicated, involving multiple concerns.

We are skilled in handling equitable distribution and high-asset divorces, having discreetly represented Fortune 500 business owners, politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities, professional athletes and other high-profile clients.

We maintain our reputation being top rated divorce and family law attorneys in Boca Raton, FL defending our clients’ interests in high net worth asset division matters, including the equitable distribution of marital residences, vacation properties, investments, pension and profit sharing accounts and more.



Alimony & Child Support

A great deal is at risk in high net worth and complex divorces, especially with respect to child support and/or spousal support (alimony or spousal “maintenance”). In such cases, we are widely known and recognized for our skills and results achieved for clients in and around Boca Raton, We provide the attention, specialization and confidentiality our clients have come to expect.

Under Florida law, both parents are responsible for child support, but one typically pays a prescribed amount to the other to care for children of a marriage. The State provides a formula that judges and attorneys use to determine a range for projected payments in typical cases; however, in cases of special circumstance, the prescribed payments could change.

We help clients navigate the calculations and circumstances to best protect the rights of the children affected by the divorce.

Unlike child support, there is no formula to determine the amount of spousal support or alimony. It’s simply based upon the financial wherewithal of the paying spouse and the need and earning potential of the receiving spouse. A number of factors can be considered, including the duration of the marriage and the financial resources of both parties. Ultimately, the court can award temporary or permanent alimony after exploring such considerations as the dependent spouse’s earning capacity, age and health of the parties, and how long the dependent spouse has been out of the workplace, among others. Whether a client is seeking to secure child support or determine the amount of spousal support,


We offer strong, compassionate counsel and assistance to help ease the burden on spouses and minimize a divorce’s impact on children.


Protecting Parental Rights

No part of divorce requires more care than a child’s best interests. We handle all aspects of custody-related issues including all matters related to parenting time, co-parenting plans, relocation and more.

We always strive to achieve amicable resolutions while upholding the highest standard of careful, knowledgeable and highly professional representation for clients and their children.

We work to ensure that all financial arrangements benefit the child while establishing a fair allocation of each parent’s responsibility to contribute to the support of their children. While, under Florida law, both parents ideally have equal say in how the child is raised, we help develop thoughtful parenting plans that outline both decision-making responsibilities for the child and the time the child spends with each parent.



Negotiating Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements allow a couple to determine the division of assets and debts, establish or waive support obligations, and protect the expectancies of their children from previous marriages. We guide clients in the negotiation and preparation of these agreements, along with other marital or property settlement agreements through mediation or as a consequence of litigation.

Whether an agreement is required before, during or at the conclusion of a marriage, it often becomes a central blueprint by which the parties conduct their affairs for years to come. Trustworthy assistance during the negotiation of these agreements is paramount.

We guide clients in negotiating and drafting agreements to achieve their goals and avoid any negative legal and financial consequences should circumstances change.


Modifying Existing Orders

Situations change, including for divorced individuals. Settlement agreements and court decrees pertaining to alimony, child support and other divorce-related issues may be open to modification in the event of substantial changes.

As a best divorce attorney in Boca Raton, we offer counsel regarding the modification of existing orders under certain circumstances, including the acquisition of a higher-paying job, business reversals and retirement, as well as other unforeseen or unanticipated changes.

Modifications may include changes in spousal support (alimony), child support or child-sharing agreements. Existing orders on timesharing may be modified as a result of changes in the child’s best interest. We assist clients in assessing the potential for success, the benefits and detriments, and the costs associated with such modifications. Our highly experienced attorneys have helped countless clients by reviewing, negotiating and litigating post-judgment issues and modifying divorce decrees.