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Peter L. Gladstone Testimonials

I retained Mr. Peter Gladstone, from Gladstone and Weissman, P.A., after interviewing seven different family law attorneys. His expertise, sincerity, and integrity impressed me the most. In fact, he was the only attorney that asked me how my children were coping, even offering some reference materials on how to help them.

Initiating a divorce can be a very chaotic, unsettling time in one’s life. Mr. Gladstone’s keen understanding of family law, along with his supportive guidance, helped pave the way to a brighter future. I always felt empowered and well-informed. He is truly a dedicated professional, and he, along with his staff, provided a superior level of professional services. I would highly recommend Mr. Gladstone to anyone going through the painful process of divorce.

-Jo W.

Whenever I am with my daughter I’m reminded how fortunate I am to have had Peter Gladstone and his team at Gladstone & Weissman representing me during my divorce. A lot was at stake, my ex-wife was adamant in trying to limit my contact with my daughter as much as possible. Thanks to Peter’s deft handling of the case I now enjoy equal time sharing with my daughter. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, I got everything I asked for, it was truly a slam dunk. I owe Peter a great deal of gratitude to for the outstanding work he did on my behalf. I’m convinced that if it wasn’t for him I would not be enjoying equal time sharing with my daughter.

-Peter S

Peter, I am coming to the end of my child support modification issue and wish to commend you, Denise Schneider and your firm on the excellent legal representation provided. While I still disagree with the laws application in my case, the legal advice was never in question. In fact, Denise Schneider consistently advocated the most prudent course of action which at times, was contrary to the usual critical assessment of attorneys’ overt concern with billable hours. Further, I found the response time to any question appropriately correlated to the urgency communicated by me.

These types of legal matters can be annoying and emotionally draining. You and Denise were kind, competent and extremely effective. Thank you and I would enthusiastically recommend your firm to anyone seeking legal representation.

-James M.

As we all come to learn divorce is not an event or an end, it is a process and journey. One few of us are prepared to make beyond a desire to find resolution and peace. Without the help of Peter and the dedicated professionals of Gladstone & Weissman I may not have as successfully navigated the emotional and economic turmoil of the process. Beyond the technicalities of law which Peter is so richly recognized by his colleagues and peers he brings humanity to the process which at times can seem to be lost. Lost during a period where enough other losses are already in play. Fortunately or unfortunately total closure is not always achievable and it is reassuring that Peter and his group is there throughout the longer haul. In the lyrics of Dylan “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”, Gladstone & Weissman certainly provided that momentary respite for me and my children. If you need an attorney pick anyone, if you need a coach, counsel and supporter pick Peter Gladstone and his firm.

-Kurt S.

As harrowing as a divorce is for all concerned, my experience with the process was made much less anxiety-ridden because of the people of Gladstone & Weissman, in particular Peter Gladstone.

My strong belief is that he is as talented a divorce attorney as can be found in South Florida. Over and above that, his sincere caring and concern for my emotional state gave me comfort through extremely tough times.

Without hesitation I would endorse Peter’s firm to anyone needing those services.

-Alan A.

My selection criteria for legal consultation began by reviewing attorneys that were respected by their peers and were also influential in their respective legal specialty via associations and relationships with the bar. Peter Gladstone seemed to me to be on the top of this list. Because my ex-husband had an enormous advantage over me with his wealth and high profile, I knew I would need an attorney at the top of his field to protect my rights and also be able to represent me on equal ground.

My initial meeting with Peter Gladstone was such a relief to me because he listened compassionately, re-iterated my concerns in my perspective and then guided me with only realistic options. I knew from this first meeting that I located the best attorney and firm for my case. Even the phone call to set up my appointment for the initial consultation when I spoke to his assistant was a comfort, as well as all my future inquiries and messages because they were relayed as accurately as I had stated. Besides having the most impressive ability to compose eloquent and succinct written correspondence on the fly, Peter Gladstone negotiates with opposing counsel in a polite and convincing manner that is achievable and equitable to both parties, which I feel expedited my case to settle as quickly as possible. As a leader in his field, I was confident I had the best representation possible. If there is one word to describe my experience with the legal counsel I received, it would be the infallible and continuous “trust” I had in Peter Gladstone from the first day to the final hearing.

-Laura P.

When I met Peter 4 years ago, I was a terrified woman. I could barely stop crying during our first meeting. He was so calming and understanding that from that moment forward I felt as if somehow, someway it would get better. I didn’t know how, yet he always made me feel reassured.

Having really never experienced any legal issues before, the process was scary at best. At Gladstone & Weissman someone was always available to help me with any questions or concerns… and always with a friendly, understanding and compassionate answer. I truly believe that they cared about me as a person and not just a client. It is very important to have a good rapport with someone you spend time with, particularly in this case when so many details of your life are exposed. So, you must feel comfortable and be able to communicate. I felt from the beginning that connection and still do to this day… even after my divorce is final.

I will always be grateful for all of the hard work and efforts of your team, especially Peter and Chris. Chris’s tireless efforts and unbelievable organizational skills were astounding. Not to mention your behind the scenes people, whom I am sure did more than I know about. You were all a pleasure and a joy to work with. Thanks for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life.

-Janice S.

Peter: It has been a positive and satisfying experience for me having you represent me in my divorce case, even during an emotionally difficult time for me. As you know, I am very pleased with the results, not because either one of us “won”, but because I thought the outcome was very fair, despite the complexity of my financial position (not surprisingly she didn’t think so). I was impressed with your deep knowledge of the law, your talent for writing in clear “legalese”, and your always sound advice (seldom without an argument from me, but I’m glad you usually prevailed). And on a personal level, I felt that I could count on you for support when it was needed. I hope you and your staff enjoyed the champagne I sent you.

-Martin G.

On a personal note it truly means so much to me that you handled my case. It has been a pleasure to watch you work and lead your team. I am so impressed and would recommend you to anyone who needs a Marital and family Attorney.

Lauren H.