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Why do athletes face higher divorce rates?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Divorce

Being a professional athlete is committing and difficult. It takes a special kind of person just to have the physical skills, but they also have to have the mental makeup to succeed. Living the lifestyle that comes with being an athlete also poses a serious challenge. 

One such challenge is the high divorce rate. It is said to be anywhere from 60 to 80%. People used to think that the average for Americans was 50%, and it’s now generally considered to be lower than that. Clearly, athletes tend to get divorced far more often than others. Why is this?

Part of the reason is the commitment that is required to the sport. A player cannot be the best at their position without working incredibly hard and putting in very long hours. That’s taxing for family life and often takes them away from their families. This is especially an issue when you consider all of the time athletes spend on the road. 

You also have some of the issues that come along with being a celebrity. Athletes are famous and many of the biggest stars are always in the public eye. They have little privacy. They constantly meet fans and admirers. They are rich, even by modern standards, in many cases. Even players who are not household names may be making more per year than many people will make in their lives. This lifestyle can stress a marriage and create instability. 

With these high incomes, athletes also have a lot to lose in a divorce. Property division can grow complicated. They must know about all of the legal options that they have to protect their interests, their reputations and their futures.