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When should you consider a prenuptial agreement?

While you and your spouse are still deeply in love, something that you worry about is the risk that they could be affected by your lifestyle. You travel often, and you act in performances that mean you are close with your costars and colleagues. If your spouse becomes jealous or tired of waiting for you while you do your job, your biggest concern is that they’ll leave and seek a divorce.

A divorce would be bad enough, but you also realize that it could have major implications for your finances. While you live comfortably, the last thing you want is for your spouse to walk away with too much or too little. You want them to get what they need, but you also want to protect yourself.

Should you seek a postnuptial agreement? That’s a personal decision, but you may want to. In 2016, a report by the Centers of Disease Control and the NCHS National Vital Statistics System showed that around 46% of all marriages end in divorce.

Is it time to consider a postnuptial agreement?

There are a few times when a postnuptial agreement can be a good idea. They include:

  • When you own a profitable business that you began after marriage since assets earned during your marriage can then be protected
  • You didn’t feel comfortable discussing a prenuptial agreement with your spouse before the wedding, but you feel that a postnuptial agreement would be something you could both talk about openly now
  • You have children from a previous marriage that you want to protect and you’re worried about protecting their inheritance should you die.
  • One or both of you entered the marriage with significantly more money than the other and the risks simply didn’t occur to you until after the wedding.

A postnuptial agreement is a good idea for many reasons, and it can protect you and your spouse. Our website has more on their importance if you’re considering seeking one.