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Frequent travel, resentment and the move toward divorce

When married couples spend too much time apart, the odds of divorce go up. When one partner travels frequently, it can make that split more likely. 

One woman said that her husband’s constant travel made her feel like she did not get support from him in their marriage. The tipping point, when she really started resenting him for it, was when she had to take something to FedEx and mail it to him because he’d forgotten it at home. She felt like it was really not the relationship that she wanted because he was not with her and now, to help him spend more time away, she had to go out of her way and change her schedule. 

This is an important consideration for successful company owners, high-level officials and professional athletes. All have to travel often for work. Take baseball players in Florida, for instance, who play 162 games per year in a normal season. Yes, some games are at home, but even those may mean being gone in the evenings and on the weekends. 

These are times when most other families are relaxing, having gatherings in the back yard, watching the children swim in the pool and much more. If someone wanted that type of relaxed, suburban life, they may quickly become resentful when a spouse is constantly gone and just cannot provide the type of life that they are after. 

This resentment may wind up leading to a contentious divorce with a high level of assets on the line. It’s absolutely critical for those involved to understand their legal rights