Paternity Lawyers Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Fort Lauderdale

Discreet and Effective Representation in Paternity Matters

Both confidentiality and professionalism are essential to the successful handling of paternity determinations and disputes. At Gladstone & Weissman, P.A., we exemplify these attributes as we help clients to legally establish paternity or challenge false claims of fatherhood.

Our integrity and credibility with the Florida courts are our most valued and guarded assets. It is these kinds of intangible benefits that we offer clients of Gladstone & Weissman.

Protecting Our Clients' Rights and Assets

Beginning with an initial determination of parentage, paternity issues can involve all matters dealing with child custody and child support, and attorneys' fees. Because of the legal rights and financial obligations involved, it is important to engage the help of a law firm experienced in and fully focused on family law issues.

Our paternity attorneys are not only highly experienced, but they also take the time to understand each client's goals and concerns and to tailor our service and strategy accordingly. Whether a client is seeking to establish paternity and secure child support, avoid unnecessary child support payments by disproving paternity or is interested in claiming custody and visitation rights, we can offer strong counsel and assistance.

Preserving Our Clients' Privacy

At Gladstone & Weissman, we represent professional athletes, politicians, CEOs, celebrities and other high-profile individuals, and our firm's discretion is one of the features clients most prize. We do not post clients' names or advertise cases to the press. Instead, we take steps to maximize our clients' privacy, such as working with Florida judges to file in alternative counties, making the details of the case more difficult for news agencies to find.

To schedule an initial, confidential consultation with a South Florida paternity attorney who truly understands the legal issues involved and the interests at stake, contact Gladstone & Weissman. Call our office, or contact our lawyers online.